Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Hands

Okay, how is it that I've been an art teacher for 9 years and this is the first time I've done an art lesson where the kids have to trace their hands?  Hmmm?
These cute Mother's Day cards were done by my grades 2/3 and boy did they have a hard time tracing their hands!  (Thank goodness I happened to have their lesson scheduled the day before a different lesson w/ my 1st grade students.  I had planned a different card, but they were still supposed to trace their hands.  NO WAY was that going to happen, I took the time that night to make heart templates for the 1st graders to use instead of the hand tracing.)

I saw this idea on Pinterest. It was a photo and the link went to, then I couldn't find the original?  This always happens when I get into Tumblr, does anyone understand that site?

Inside the card, the classroom teacher had the students glue in their Mother's Day poems that they'd been writing.  I love the teachers I work with, they're so appreciative of my art lessons.  I am really blessed.

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Hope Hunter Knight said...

I tried this with a second grade class that had some extra time, thinking it would be super easy, and it was not! Just like you said, I didn't dare try with 1st. It was all in the placement of the thumb...