Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't miss the boat!

I'm certain you are already familiar with Deep Space Sparkle, the awesome blog created by Patty?  If you aren't, you're missing the boat!!
Here's a "Sparkle" lesson we did recently, and I loved the results.  The messiness, in my opinion, made the artworks all the better.  Note* prepare your students to appreciate the messy results before they do the project.  We talked about the fact that prints can be more interesting when they're not perfect copies of the original.  (In the one class where I didn't have time to have that discussion, many kids were frustrated w/ the outcome of their prints.  My lesson learned, make time to have that discussion!)

As Patty said, the order of the painting is important to get the best prints.
(First fold paper in half before painting, this makes folding in half after painting easier.)
1. Paint dark blue ocean first
2. Outline boats and sun with light blue, then paint light blue sky around outlines.
3.  Paint sun.
4.  Paint boat(s).
5. Paint white sails.
6. Paint black outlines.
7. Fold over, open, and reveal.

Big thanks to San Benito Elementary students!
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Phyl said...

I'm a big fan of Patty's; she's really the reason I started a blog. But I must have missed this lesson somehow so now I want to go back and look for it. I absolutely LOVE the pics you posted - they are so "painterly". Beautiful!

Tisha Smith said...

Thanks Phyl, wish I had taken more pics, your "painterly" comment is right on. My own art rarely looks as painterly as I hope for & these darn kids keep putting me to shame:)

Patty Palmer said...

Thanks Tisha! Love the results and I agree, pointing out that the results will be messy is important to set up the expectations.