Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What kids say...............

A photograph of applesauce, specifically Musse...Image via Wikipedia You know those moments in the classroom when you're expecting one thing to come out of kids' mouths, but instead something wildly different appears? You know, the "stop dead in your tracks" moments trying to wrap your brain around what just happened? (I'm referring to the good ones, we can just forget about the bad ones - although they do happen too.)

Well, many moons ago I was Ed. Director at our local Performing Arts Center at the university. One of my favorite duties was leading "backstage tours" for schoolchildren. We did a short skit w/ each class, during the tour, where a couple kids went onstage and told some jokes. They were announced over house p.a., and spotlighted, etc. while their classmates sat in the audience. While the kids were preparing backstage, I would prepare the audience. I pointed to a sign and said, "Now this sign says-" and before I could finish my sentence a very young boy shouted out "APPLESAUCE!" The sign actually said "Applause". Well.....you know the rest, kids told jokes, applause sign went up, kids gave their applause ----and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for the rest of the day:)
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