Wednesday, July 21, 2010

X-Rayed Art

When visiting the Norton Simon Museum in Los Angeles two weeks ago, I was enthralled with the x-ray pictures the museum posted of various artworks.

Here's a picture of the x-ray of van Gogh's painting titled "Winter - The Vicarage Garden under snow". This x-ray shows a painting van Gogh did and for whatever reason, he chose to paint over it. I have many artist friends who do this too, but seeing this master's real x-ray made me kind of giddy... More proof to share with my students that everyone creates art they're unsure of - the goal is not to let it deter you. Just like van Gogh didn't! The x-ray above shows the painting that exists "under" the painting below. More info. about the painting here.


Becca Ruth said...

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Dana Leeds said...

We are planning a trip to LA and love art museums. This x-ray photo is so neat! I hope we get to stop by this museum while in CA!