Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Paper Quilling

ocean quillingImage by tofutti break via Flickr

Paper Quilling* is a type of art done in Colonial times and it is a fun project that can be done with students of various ages. One tip would be to use wider paper strips for the younger kids.
6"x9" black background paper w/ yarn attached for hanging.
1/2" strips of colored paper
pen to wrap paper around (pencils can leave ridges?)

First I showed paper quill examples that I'd found on the internet. Then I created some example quills, and I drew on the board some examples of the designs the students could make by wrapping their paper around their pens.

Students were told they could make a random design, or an actual subject with their quills.

I also explained the importance of wrapping the paper "on top of itself".If they wrapped the paper NOT on top of itself, they would end up with an uneven quill that would be difficult to glue onto the background paper.

This one, below, is too uneven for gluing.
As a time management tip, I told the students they would have 20 minutes for quilling and 13 minutes for gluing. I didn't pass out the glue until after the first 20 minutes, then I collected the paper strips and students glued down the quills they'd made.

(This one above, reminds me of Matisse's "Jazz" art...I love it!)

Thank you Flamson Middle School students!!
*Hey, one of my readers just shared her website on quilling - it's fabulous - tons of inspiring designs and projects. You can visit her website here and her blog here. Thanks Whimsiquills!

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Unknown said...

As a quilling artist, I can't tell you how pleased I was to read that you are teaching children to quill. Those of us who quill are anxious to keep this little known art form alive. I would like to invite you and your students to visit my web site http://www.Whimsiquills.com to take advantage of free patterns,instructional sheets, and reference materials. I also write a quilling blog http://www.quillingwithwhimsiquills.blogspot.com where I feature other quillers from around the world as well as providing "tips and hints". I hope some of your students will visit and see the potential of this beautiful art form.

Tisha Smith said...

Thanks Whimsiquill! Your website and blog are fabulous, can't wait to tell my students about them:) Tisha

mishl said...

I used this idea with my middle schoolers yesterday. Despite some initial grumbling -- they did a great job and came up with some very creative art. Thank you.

Tisha Smith said...

Hi Mishl,
What? Middle schoolers grumbling? Never. (Hope you hear the sarcasm in my typing, I know exactly what that sounds like.)
Glad you found this lesson fun:)

Anonymous said...

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