Saturday, October 27, 2012

Owls for fall.....

My 6th grade class did Owl Drawings last week.  We used black construction paper and chalk pastels.  Also, I decided to tape down the sides on a back board to keep the edges of the drawing clean.  This created a nice black border.  I love the borders on artwork when the blue tape is used.  Funny though, because the kids never seem to be as impressed with the difference between "with or without" a border, as I am.  They're more focused on their art, as it should be.  Kids always teaching us what's important and what's not, eh!

Found this on Pinterest, but sad to say I can't find the link now?  But here's a link to some more inspirational OWLS.

Thanks NCCS 6th Graders!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Colors & Shapes

Whew!!! Finally posting.......too many plates spinning these days, can you relate????

My 2nd graders did this lesson last week.  I thought it was successful and I love the clean simple aspect of the colors on black.

First I gave students this white paper which had these shapes already drawn on it.  (note * If I had the kids more than 40 min. twice/month, I'd have them draw their own shapes.)

Then the students cut and glued their white shapes on black background.

Next, the students chose various pieces of colored construction paper and cut out smaller and smaller circles and oval shapes. 

And here is the gorgeous quilt that I saw on Pinterest that inspired this lesson.

This amazing quilt was created by Carol, her artistry is admirable & you'll find her blog HARD TO LEAVE!